Original repertoire for Helder Tenor

To fully explore the Helder Tenor recorder, I have chosen four methodological approaches: original repertoire, repertoire for tenor recorder, transcriptions of pieces for woodwind instruments and new commissions. This entry is about the original repertoire, from its beginnings until today. My main goal is to give an overview on what already exists and what we can build our future repertoire on.


written for

Eun Jung Kong (KR, *)Ssi (1995)several recorders one player (alto, Helder Tenor, bass, Paetzold Subbass), violin, cello, pianoJohannes Fischer
Cornelis de Bondt (NL, *1953)Dame Blanche (1995)several recorder one player (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, greatbass), orchestra, live-electronicsWalter van Hauwe
Christopher Dell (DE, *1965) In reference to (1995-96)Helder TenorJohannes Fischer
Michel Meynaud (FR, 1950-2016)Le rêve québécois (1996)Helder Tenor, 8x celloJoseph Grau
Christopher Dell (DE, *1965)Lob des Schattens (1996)Helder TenorJohannes Fischer
Rainer Bürck (DE, *1953)tenant en haleine (1996)Helder Tenor, tapeJohannes Fischer
Tobias P.M. Schneid (DE, *1963)Manchester – metrics (1996)/Vertical Horizon 1a (2018)Helder Tenor, dancerJohannes Fischer
Michel Meynaud (FR, 1950-2016)Les points d’orgue de la St-Jean (1997)several recorders one player (Helder Tenor, soprano, 2 altos)Joseph Grau
Michel Meynaud (FR, 1950-2016)Viva Emiliano (1997)Helder Tenor, timpani or celloJoseph Grau
Hans-Jürg Meier (CH, 1964-2015)Fast (1997)Helder Tenor, celloDorothee Oberlinger
Michel Meynaud (FR, 1950-2016)Johannes Partita (1997)Helder Alto, Helder TenorJohannes Fischer
Satoshi Ohmae (JP, *1943)Phase. Double Talk No.26 op. 103 (1998)Helder Tenor, nijûichigen (20gen-koto)Gudula Rosa
Erhard Karkoschka (CZ, DE, 1923-2009)Variationen mit CELAN-Gedichten V (1998/1999)Helder Tenor, dancerJohannes Fischer
Toni Berthold Völker (DE, *1948)Voices-faces-nowhereland (2000)several recorders one player (sopranino, Helder Tenor), dance, electronicsJohannes Fischer
Dieter Müller-Herzing (DE, *1961)Flute 2000 (2000)several recorders one player (alto, Helder Tenor, greatbass, subbass), digital piano, electronics, dancerJohannes Fischer
Jörg Partzsch (DE, *1964)Link (2000)Helder Tenor, dancer, video projectionJohannes Fischer
Sebastián De Larraechea (CL, *1981)antes de morir (2001)Helder Tenor, soprano, 2 guitars, actressPaola Muñoz M.
Valerie Mainwood (GB, *1946)Owl Woman (2001/2005)Helder Tenor, female voiceRachel Barnes
Karl Wieland Kurz (DE, *1961)Metatron – Sonatina Prima (2003)Helder Tenor, dancerJohannes Fischer
 Donald Bousted (GB, *1957) In Preparation (2003)Helder Tenor, tape, live-art-performanceRachel Barnes
Julia As (DE, *1976)Ich bin der große Derdiedas, nach Texten von Hans Arp (2004)several recorders one player (tenor, soprano, Helder Tenor, mezzo soprano, harp, percussionJohannes Fischer
Juan Pablo Abalo (CL, *1978)Lamentos de un puelche (2004)Helder Tenor, live-electronicsPaola Muñoz M.
Michel Meynaud (FR, 1950-2016)Sonate II (2004)Helder TenorJohannes Fischer
Cristian Morales Ossio (CL, *1967)Nodo II (2004/05)Helder Tenor, 2 flutes, clarinet, guitar, violin, tamtam, live-electronicsPaola Muñoz M.
Lü Ding (KR, *)A Startling Dream (2006)Helder Tenor, guitarJohannes Fischer
Gerhard Braun (DE,1932-2016)Grenzgänge (2006)Helder TenorJohannes Fischer
Cristian Morales Ossio (CL, *1967)La lírica violencia serénica (2007)Helder Tenor, flute, horn, 2 violins (soloistic parts), viola, cello, piano, percussionPaola Muñoz
Esteban Correa Astudillo (CL, *1979)Neucanto (2007)Helder Tenor, flute, clarinet, guitar, violin, 2 celli, pianoPaola Muñoz M.
Esteban Correa Astudillo (CL, *1979)…Y de un brote otra plegaria (2007)Helder TenorPaola Muñoz M.
Jorge Sanchez-Chiong (VE, AT, *1969)final girl – the beginning (2008)Helder TenorDorothee Oberlinger
Sebastián De Larraechea (CL, *1981)Opera MESAS (2008)2 actresses, 1 actor, soprano, violin, cello, Helder Tenor, Tenor saxophone, fagot, contrabass, percussionPaola Muñoz M.
Peter Przystaniak (DE, *1956)On The Ocean (2009)Helder Tenor, pianoJohannes Fischer
Alois Bröder (DE, *1961)Der geweckte Tiger (2010)Helder Tenor, contrabassJohannes Fischer
Cristian Morales Ossio (CL, *1967)BecAvec (2011)Helder Tenor, bass flute, guitar, violin, viola, cello, percussionPaola Muñoz M.
Toni Berthold Völker (DE, *1948)Sextett (2012)several recorders one player (Helder Tenor, sopranino, Paetzold Subgreatbass), trumpet, violin, cello, piano, percussionJohannes Fischer
Gerhard Braun (DE, 1932-2016)Die gläserne Flöte (2013)Plexiglas Helder Tenor (new model: J. Fischer)Johannes Fischer
Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler (DE, *1978)termini spezzati I (2013/2017)Helder TenorSusanne Fröhlich
Lutz Glandien (DE, *1954)Apokryph (2013)several recorders one player (tenor Gemshorn, Eagle Alto, Helder-Tenor, Paetzold Subgreatbass), tape, video, 2x dancerSusanne Fröhlich
Karel van Steenhoven (NL, DE, *1958)Sturm und Drang (2014)Helder Alto, Helder TenorJohannes Fischer
Toni Berthold Völker (DE, *1948)Doppelbrechung (2014)Helder Alto, Helder Tenor, pianoJohannes Fischer
Kathrin A. Denner (DE, *1986)Tabula (Version 2 von Saxophonduo (2012/2014)Helder Alto, Helder TenorCarolin and Johannes Fischer
Silvio Ferraz (CL, *1959)Por la ventana el viento (2014)Helder Tenor, bass flutePaola Muñoz M.
Martin Krähe (DE, *1961)Sul volo degli uccelli (Ouverture) (2014 -?)Helder Alto, Helder Tenor, pianoJohannes Fischer
Lutz Glandien (DE, *1954)Vor der Stille (2015)Helder Tenor, tapeSusanne Fröhlich
Martin Daske (DE, *1962)La plui. Tombe (2015)Helder Tenor, cello, tapeSusanne Fröhlich
Michael O’Brien (USA, *1954)Coasting on daydreams (2015)Helder TenorEmily O’Brien
Melika Fitzhugh (USA, *1972)Respiravisse in Perpetuo (2015)Helder TenorEmily O’Brien
Janet Peachey (USA, *1953)Three Whimsies for tenor recorder (2015)Helder TenorEmily O’Brien
Gerhard Braun (DE, 1932-2016)Wegmarken (2009/2016)several recorders one player (soprano, alto, Helder Tenor)Johannes Fischer
Petros Ovsepyan (AZ, USA, DE, *1966)Precipitate/Reciperated (2013/2016)modern flute/Helder TenorSusanne Fröhlich
Cristian Morales Ossio (CL, *1967)Matters of fact (2015-16)Helder Tenor, guitarPaola Muñoz M.
Timo Kreuser (DE, *1978)Artikulationen (2015/2016)several recorders one player (soprano, Helder Tenor, Paetzold Subgreatbass), violin, trombone, piano, live-electronics, video (open setting)Susanne Fröhlich
Lukas Grossmann (DE, *1983)Short cuts (2016)Helder Tenor, soprano, piccolo flute, flute, oboe, Alto saxophone, violin, viola, cello, guitar, pianoSusanne Fröhlich
Yei Rang Kim (KR, *1985)Il Da (verloren) (2016)soprano, Helder Tenor, bass flute, viola, cello, vibraphone, jangguSusanne Fröhlich
Philipp Spätling (DE, *1979)Studie für Helder-Tenor (2016)Helder TenorInspired by research of Susanne Fröhlich
Kathrin A. Denner (DE, *1986)engrave III & V (2016/2017)Helder TenorCarolin Fischer
Tahir Ibishov (AZ, *1989)Ambivalenz (2017)Helder Tenor, clarinet in BbSusanne Fröhlich
Shiqi Geng (CN, *1995)Yuki-Onna (2017)Helder Tenor, baroque oboe, clarinet and bass clarinet, violin, viola, accordion, harpsichordSusanne Fröhlich
Tahir Ibishov (AZ, *1989)Die ungreifbare Silhouette des tanzenden Derwisches (2017)Helder Tenor, clarinet in Bb, violin, viola, pianoSusanne Fröhlich
Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler (DE, *1978)Wassermusik (2017)Helder Tenor, trumpet, violaSusanne Fröhlich
Marko Zdralek (DE, *1973)Strandgut (2017/2018)Helder Tenor, baritone, violin, pianoFischer Family
Sharleen Revia (ID, *)Zauber (2018)Helder Tenor, percussion, violaMarie Kalender (student of Johannes Fischer)
Gerriet K Sharma (DE, *1974) & Susanne Fröhlich (DE, *1979)SEMAPHOR (2018)Helder-Jahn Tenor, Icosahedral loudspeakerSusanne Fröhlich
Sebastian Elikowski Winkler (DE, *1978)termini speazzti II (2018)Helder-Jahn Tenor, bass clarinet, percussionSusanne Fröhlich

Since 1995 there have been 64 works written by composers from 15 different countries, including 24 solo pieces (7 pieces with electronics, 6 pieces with dance), 36 ensemble works (from duo to nonet) and 1 orchestra piece (the tenor part is quite short but quite exposed in the last movement). All pieces were dedicated to or written in close collaboration with a recorder player; Rachel Barnes, Johannes Fischer, Carolin Elena Fischer, Susanne Fröhlich, Joseph Grau, Marie Kalender, Paola Muñoz M., Dorothee Oberlinger, Emily O’Brian, Gudula Rosa and Walter van Hauwe. The result of such a collaboration always depends on the generation, background, country, cultural imprint, expertise, style and taste of the composer and the performer. The closer the collaboration, the stronger was the outcome of a piece specifically written for the Helder Tenor.

I have developed an analysis sheet to evaluate this repertoire and to find out more about a new performance practice. Each sheet includes information on a piece, a detailed description of the techniques used, followed by a conclusion. Through my analysis of this repertoire, I am able to summarize information on the musical material, performance practice and playing techniques of the Helder Tenor and come to certain conclusions. Some of these results you can find in my newest article on “The new potential of a 21st century recorder” (release August 2018 in the Recorder Magazine). Here I wanted to show how we gain through such a contemporary recorder model regarding playing techniques and contemporary performance practice. The final results will of course form part of my doctoral thesis.

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  1. Great job and post, lots of new composers! It would be fantastic to have a link to the available composer’s sites, but I guess is a lot of work. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Dear Ernesto, thanks a lot for your comment. The composer’s contacts can be found within the appendix of my thesis. Once my thesis is approved I will know more about how much I can publish through this blog.

      Liked by 2 people


      1. Looking forward! Thanks Susanne 🙂


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